Practical tools of the Language of Love: Encourage faith in the positive direction of life. Guide a journey back to instinctual wisdom. Cultivate trust in intuitive creativity. Shift from passiveness to empowerment. Embrace gratitude for the little things in life. Journey from Self-Acceptance to attentive Self-Love to complete Self–Empowerment. Commit to Choosing Happiness, Kindness, Integrity, Respect, and Optimism at every moment.

Everything we do and everyone we meet is a part of our path for a special purpose. Everything on the planet exists here to bless us.


Students from North America and Asia have resonated with Sammy’s sincerity and accessibility, and have experienced amazing results. Through them, Sammy has witnessed the power of planting a small, subconscious seed. When she shares spontaneously from a heart-centered place, she is constantly reminded that there is always more than one possible response to whatever comes our way.

We are living in a unique and wonderful era. While there are challenges, there are also opportunities to cultivate our profound potential for positive growth.


Living life in integrity involves saying what you mean and meaning what you say. By taking responsibility for teaching unconditional love, Sammy is committed to fulfilling her own vision through embodying equanimity, compassion, honesty, and loyalty. She is devoted to loving others in a soulfully responsible way. Fully aligned with her principles in all aspects of everyday life, she communicates from an open place that resonates with those who come with sincere intention.

Love • Kindness • Humbleness

“Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk.”

Why choose love

Strong, positive, loving, and healthy thoughts vibrate at a higher level. Negative, harmful, and disempowering thoughts vibrate at a lower level. What you think about the most is magnified by your focus, and will manifest in your life.

Operating from a higher frequency, you are more likely to attract the life you desire, leading to happiness, more heartfelt connection with self and others, and a peaceful state of mind.