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For The Heart and Soul?

About the book

Food for thought. The 30-day Zen mastery message is simple. It comes from love, and the purpose is to bring hope and comfort to each soul by doing their function of healing and growing into the light. If you cannot shift your life with a simple message, then something is truly out of balance. You can either come with me and rise up or remain limited in your own life. For some, even if Jesus came down to tell them what was wrong, it still wouldn’t make a difference. ...

Be opened-minded and rise up with me, or stay stuck and limited where you are. The choice is entirely yours.

Our journey and the real purpose in life is to find a path that will lead us towards self-discovery, which is about embracing our true self. It's about a new beginning, new choices, and new commitment. The secret to a successful and rich life is to have more beginnings than endings. The past is gone, and today is full of possibilities. Change is hard, guys. I'll be the first person today to tell you. "Been there, done that." And been there again many times. But I never give up. When you allow the life process to unfold naturally, you will see the transformation in your life. This change can also be incredibly exciting. It's time for a new start. A new pattern of thoughts. A new wave of emotions. A new connection to the world. And a new belief system.

Our experience rarely gives us a complete picture of the situations we face. Take your journey with baby steps. The steps to a path to spiritual growth are to be okay to grow organically. Everything is perfect just the way things are. Those baby steps will help create a firm foundation. Enjoy the journey.

Thank you for being "out there" with me.

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How to do the

30-days Zen Mastery for the Heart and Soul

This process is not a text you read in one sitting—the total power and effectiveness of this book come from the daily readings that will make you vigilant and able to prepare for your day. One by one, day by day, each daily lesson builds upon the next to create a Zen consciousness.

If you sincerely "live" the daily lessons one hundred percent each day and share your breakthroughs with everyone around you, you will experience what your life will be much flowing by the end of thirty days. On the other hand, if you are not vigilant and are only partially committed to living the daily lessons, you may have to practice them for more than one thirty-day period.

It may take only a month, 100% commitment to getting it, or it may take six months maybe more. Each additional month you follow the thirty daily lessons of the program, you will experience them on a whole different level.

The following are five suggestions that will ensure the best results:

Begin with the lesson that corresponds to the day of the month. For example, if you start on the 5th day of the month, read all of the lessons up to and including Lesson 5. Then, on the next day, read Lesson 6.

Sit quietly for several minutes each morning after rising, and each evening before retiring, while you repeat your daily lesson to remind yourself to stay in the moment.
Relax, and breathe, remember you are the priority.
Take a nice deep breath, inhale Love…exhale Gratitude..., inhale Love…exhale Gratitude…, inhale Love…exhale Gratitude. When you more relax than you will allow communication with your higher consciousness to guide you during this time. This process will put you in touch with knowing the truth of who you are—a child of God.

Apply each daily lesson as often as possible throughout the day. As a reminder, you may wish to write the daily lesson on a note to keep reminding yourself. When something bothers you, or especially when your mind starts to wander during the day, read the daily lesson to yourself slowly, with full attention, absorbing the words into your being. Because each lesson builds upon and confirms the previous lessons, some participants have found it extremely beneficial to reread each of the previous lessons along with the lesson of the day. As a result of bringing all of the lessons into their consciousness each day, they have experienced even faster growth.

Also it is important to keep your energy open to receive. Open yourself to receive breakthroughs, acknowledge them with joy and gratitude, and write them down, Journal your process for each day.

Share your breakthroughs with others on a daily basis. Be patient and vigilant. Stay focused on your process and BE CONSISTENT. It is easy to return to old habits and familiar belief systems. After all, we have lived with them for a long time.

Change is most effective when it is gentle and gradual. Take the journey step by step, be okay with who you are. It's okay to grow organically on a strong foundation, don’t give up! 

Your past does not dictate who you are, neither your future. Always remember you have a choice.

Going through the lessons

As you go through the lessons and good things start to happen, the Ego will always try to create some resistance and tell you it is too good to be true. It will tell you that nothing is effortless—that financial abundance, perfect relationships, and excellent health only come with hard work and long hours, etc.

The Ego will tell you that the breakthroughs you experience are just coincidences. The Ego does not wish for you to recognize Spirit and your vigilance for the light.

As Ego begins to lose control, it will panic and may become desperate; on a subconscious level, you might start to feel that you do not deserve a wonderful life; you may even experience guilt about the past or fear about the future.

It is important to remember that all of this is just the Ego's attempt to distract you from the positive things that are happening to you.

Ego will place many obstacles in your way, and all of them can be easily overcome simply by smiling and saying to Ego, "Thank you for sharing!"

Remind yourself often that you love yourself be joyous, happy, prosperous, and completely open to receive all of God’s gifts.

Because you deserve all that the Universe has to offer, as you remain steadfast to Truth, and trust God within,
you will see amazing results.

How To Share


  • Miracles/Breakthroughs are shifts in perception. They occur when you ask Spirit to guide you in seeing something through Spirit's eyes rather than Ego's.
  • Miracles/Breakthroughs are a natural occurrence; they are expressions of love. However, when the flow of love is blocked, you experience turmoil.
  • Miracles/Breakthroughs heal fear, separation, guilt, and anger.
  • Miracles/Breakthroughs always fill with peace. When you share only them, you are speaking in the language of light.

Sharing Miracles/Breakthroughs every day

By sharing Miracles/Breakthroughs every day, you encourage yourselves and others to continue looking for and acknowledging them. The more Miracles/Breakthroughs you look for, the more you see them in your life.

I recommend that you write your Miracles/Breakthroughs and blessings in your journal as soon as possible before you forget them. Given enough time, Ego may work to dispel the breakthroughs and make it difficult for you to remember them when it is time for you to share. ...

There is an important difference between telling a story and sharing Miracles/Breakthroughs. Stories include all of the guilt, blame, and fear leading up to the Miracles/Breakthroughs and show the cause as being anywhere else but within yourselves. The Ego likes to add to the story because it believes that the longer the story and the deeper the drama, the juicier the Miracles/Breakthroughs will be in the end. However, the truth is that after several minutes of listening to someone share a story, your minds become so filled with the illusion of fear that you do not have enough capacity left to receive the breakthrough. You can literally feel the peaceful energy drain out of your body.

Stories always bring turmoil to both the speaker and the listener.

Limiting the shares—which are always confidential—to only two or three minutes will help to ensure against storytelling.

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—Sammy Gara

Every day is a new beginning, a fresh start.
Don't let your history interfere with your destiny!