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WHO IS Sammy?

Sammy Gara is an international speaker, teacher, and life coach.

As a Master of Zen Living, Sammy is a facilitator of many Eastern disciplines and an awakened “Light, the Language of Love” Activator and Intuitive. She shares a visionary dedicated to the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth, while teaching higher-dimensional realities from physical experience. From a young age, Sammy was fascinated with the mysteries of the Universe, teaching herself meditation, comparative religion, spirituality, Atlantis, and many other metaphysical topics. In her early 30s, Sammy found herself highly sensitive to energies, both seen and unseen, and since then has undergone a journey both inward and outward, culminating a series of activations that have expanded her consciousness, psychic abilities, and soul remembrance.

Sammy Gara has the ability to activate and “awaken” soul connections allowing her students and clients to experience these powerful connections, and experience profound emotions, and results. She truly believes we are living in a unique, yet challenging, and wonderful point in history as we transition into a new mode of enlightened and spiritual living, where planetary peace reigns between humanity and all life forms, on and off Earth. At times, there are individuals who promote peace and spiritual values through speech alone; they do not take the necessary actions needed in order to fulfill such aspirations. Sammy guides and leads dedicated students to their spiritual awakening and soul enlightenment.

"I will continue to stay true to who I am.” - Sammy Gara

About her Teaching:


Sammy Gara has had a tremendous effect in touching many lives, especially those in Asia where she has participated in a series of seminars. Those who have attended her trainings experienced Sammy's deep sincerity and compassion through accounts of her personal life experiences, from surviving difficult periods to embracing the abundance of beautiful moments in life. She has spoken on humanitarian issues, promoting people to overcome judgment in racism, sexism, homophobia, and poverty. It is her dream to see people proceed on a path of non-violent behavior.

Sammy Gara speaks eloquently about the underlying unity of religions and seeks to bring people together by practicing the "Laws of Love in Zen living — One world, one people." Her teachings draw from the Laws of Love and emphasize the importance of compassion and mindfulness. 

“World-peace can be achieved when the power of love replaces the love of power.” — Sri Chinmoy


Sharing practical tools of the Language of Love. Encouraging faith in the positive direction of life. Guiding a journey back to instinctual wisdom. Cultivating trust in intuitive creativity. Shifting from passiveness to empowerment. Embracing gratitude for the little things in life. Journeying from Self-Acceptance, to attentive Self-Love, to complete Self–Empowerment. Committing to the Right to Choose at every moment Happiness, Kindness, Integrity, Respect, and Optimism.

Everything we do and everyone we meet is part of our path for a special purpose. Everything on the planet exists here to bless us.

The Laws of love

Faith & Courage


Students from North America and Asia have resonated with Sammy’s sincerity and accessibility, and have experienced amazing results. Through them, Sammy has witnessed the power of planting a small, subconscious seed. When she shares spontaneously from a heart-centered place, she is constantly reminded, there is always more than one possible response to whatever comes our way.

We are living in a unique and wonderful era. While there are challenges, there are also opportunities to cultivate our profound potential for positive growth. This transitional period is leading us to a new mode of enlightened and spiritually-sensible living, where planetary peace will flow between all life forms on Earth.

Stepping toward Inner Peace, creating more balanced lives, one human being at a time, and leading the world to true peace.


Living life in integrity involves saying what you mean and meaning what you say. By taking responsibility for teaching unconditional love, Sammy is committed to fulfilling her own vision through embodying equanimity, compassion, honesty, and loyalty. She is devoted to loving others in a soulfully responsible way. Fully aligned with her principles in all aspects of everyday life, she communicates from an open place that resonates with those who come with sincere intention.

Love • Kindness • Humbleness

“Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk.”

Why choose love

Strong, positive, loving, and healthy thoughts vibrate at a higher level. Negative, harmful, and disempowering thoughts vibrate at a lower level. What you think about the most is magnified by your focus, and will manifest in your life.

Operating from a higher frequency, you are more likely to attract the life you desire, leading to happiness, more heartfelt connection with self and others, and a peaceful state of mind.



Sammy believes the most efficient way to nurture growth is for the teacher to walk hand-in-hand with her students on the journey. Therefore, she does not stop at one-way information-delivery, but continues to produce practical tools such as workbooks, audio meditations, and long-term online and offline mentorship programs, so students are guided into an open space to answer their own inquiries, explore their own wisdom, and be supported personally by Sammy and the thriving online and offline communities of kindred spirits. Her and her students commit to compassion and kindness both in and out of the learning space.


Most people, when they think of health, they only consider their physical bodies. If you want a vibrant, healthy and wholesome life, attention to your spiritual, mental, and emotional body is imperative especially in the world we live in today. At this sacred healing retreat, you will not only learn, but practice the flow of intentional calmness so that you can bring it into your daily life as you will learn daily practices for spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

If you're tired of living a life that keeps you at an average energy field and if your everyday life puts you in an unbalanced state of mind and if you are truly seeking ultimate support and help in healing all aspect of your life, including negative memories that are stuck in your DNA, come join us on this incredible, one of a kind experience that will change your life forever. Come be unconditioned and reconditioned into your true spiritual, physical and emotional well-being.


21-day online program, with option to meet offline

Initiate the process of self-acceptance. Cultivate patience. Step toward complete self-love. Through a structured process, move forward into self-empowerment in all aspects of everyday life. Eventual alignment with the Laws of Love will inspire effortless, supportive communication with the Self that overflows into soulful connection with others.

True Peace and Spiritual Sensibility

3-day seminar, online or offline

Clarify the true meaning of key concepts such as “Non-attachment” and “Going with the Flow,”  and point out the nuances in everyday application. Explore the balance between the extremes of the spectrum. Answer common questions on the journey towards the Self. Share tools to recognize the voice of wisdom within amidst volatile emotions, and overcome the spiritual ego at different stages of the journey so we can steadily step into the next level of growth.

Effortless Manifestation

3-6 month mentorship program, with both online and offline components

Specifically geared toward manifestation, this long-term mentorship program guides you to clarify your source of inspiration, distinguish between egotistical actions that drain you, and inspired visions that elevate you. A step-by-step structure is carefully designed to support you through the process of cultivating a more balanced life in and out, so you can practice remaining centered despite external circumstances. The teachings and tools will help you grow in awareness and in your ability to self-reflect from higher dimensional realities. You will identify your internal programming (i.e. belief systems), amplify the positive and release the negative, thus opening up to receiving abundance at every moment. When our unlimited potential is unleashed, we naturally and gracefully return to who we truly are.

Devoted to help humanity overcome judgment in racism, sexism, homophobia, and poverty

Sammy supports philanthropic programs that bring financial and emotional support to those in need. She wishes to walk alongside all of us through a path of non-violence, and come to honor each other as human beings.


Vivian B.

At-Home Mom

"Sammy's messages always come to me at the perfect time, reminding me that I am blessed and supported. It also doesn’t hurt that she has such a sweet voice!"

Randy S.

At-Home Dad

"Sammy stays in God’s light while she's speaking! She is a wonderful person, a magnificent speaker, very informative, and I recommend her very highly."

Sara A.

Grocery Clerk

"I greatly enjoy her seminars. It was good to have a back-to-basics refresher on life - which is just what I needed!"

Evelyn F.

Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

"Many challenges have been presented to me in the past, and I was caught up in the emotional hurt. Being reminded of shifting my perception put me instantly above the line. I can’t say thank you enough for such powerful and well done presentations."

Sherry S.

Freelance Artist

"Allowing lovely, wonderful, POSITIVE THOUGHTS in my head - in spite of circumstances - helps me with life's flow and to breathe easier! I’ve learned that I can heal in BABY STEPS. So many thanks to Sammy!"

Colette H.

Dog Groomer

"I am so very grateful for the 9-day seminar I attended. It was the catalyst to my movement. I am experiencing my life moment by moment. I have discovered the wisdom I possess and I am now awake."

Patti S.

Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada

"I have expanded and connected to a level I had never known was possible. My awareness of who I am and who we are fills me full of love. My journey within is supported by the powerful connection established in those 9 days in Cancun at Sammy’s seminar. I continue to wake each day to a blossoming new me."

Deborah A.


"After one week back home, my personal growth continues to rise. I see others with new light, because - through Effortless Prosperity principles, my dreams, and meditation - I remember more and more of who I AM. It is an unfamiliar feeling, this continual peace and healing…but also indescribably joyous!"

Jeff A.


"After being homeless for six months, I was very hungry and went looking for food. I came across a meeting that was teaching about Effortless Living. I was welcomed and offered a free meal. I found a place of peace that helped me understand my choices and helped me move forward in life."

Zachary S.


"I used to always look outside of myself for the answers to life - with family, friends and even google - and what I received was a bunch of different answers that weren't necessarily wrong but were not a custom fit to my circumstances. What Sammy's seminars do is connect you straight to the meaning of every situation in life and give you the ability to heal and grow from it. I am so grateful and cannot wait to do another seminar!"

Alberto Belo

President of Ontario Building Monitor

"I have had the pleasure and honor of working with Sammy behind the scenes while assisting with her life changing seminars. Her beautiful energy and the love she gives is really felt by anyone attending her seminars. She has helped so many people including myself. Her selfless giving and really big heart is felt when she walks in the room. She continues to be an amazing light to everyone who crosses her path. She has not only helped me change my life, I have also gained an amazing friend for life."

John H.

Construction Worker

"I stepped into an unfamiliar version of myself: one who has expanded comfort zones and pushed the limits of new experiences, resulting in me rewriting my beliefs and my life. It feels great! The group's energy became so high that we had people thanking us for being there. It was so magical to see how other people’s energy was lifted by just being around us. Almost two weeks later and still words cannot describe how “in the flow” I still am from the seminar!"

Judy S.

Inmate at CCA Southern Nevada Women’s Correctional Facility

"A true miracle happened to me when I realized that emotions are created. I’ve been in search of an emotional rescue when all the times, all I had to do was create joy instead of turmoil and allow love to happen."

Loy H.

Warden of CCA Southern Nevada Women’s Correctional Facility

"Sammy provided daily meetings here at the Southern Nevada Women’s Correctional Facility for several months and the inmates have been very responsive. I continue to receive feedback from the inmates asking to continue the program as it brings a healthy perspective and positive message to the women who choose to participate. I can’t recommend Sammy enough for programs like this."

Lisa S.


"Effortless NOW has been instrumental with the development of my personal growth. I have been a part of this philosophy for many years. Being an Entrepreneur in the Coaching Industry myself, I have applied the principles and now see things from a different perspective. By applying that “shift of mentality” alone, it has in-turn made a difference in my life both personally and professionally. Samia has a certain way of being within her approach that allows for easy learning and application. Through her many outlets of teaching, you too can tap into her profound ways and have your life change within a moment."

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